Sunday, February 03, 2008

gong xi fa cai!

Tell me, how does one go about writing the first entry in a new blog? Introductions seem superfluous, you can read about me elsewhere on this site.
Maybe I will start with a few disclaimers. First off, let me just say right now that I am essentially anti-grammar. People rarely speak in full grammatical sentences, and because I intend this blog to become a "stream of consciousness" of sorts, I refuse to adhere to, what I perceive as, constricting grammar rules. SPOGG members beware. *
Secondly, I have come to the conclusion that many people create blogs as a forum in which it is socially acceptable to brag. I am no exception. I think my family is wonderful, my art meaningful and my taste impeccable. But there is a small caveat here. I also know that my family is far from perfect, indeed sometimes down right weird. At times, I have extreme insecurities about my jewelry and other artistic ventures. As for my taste, well let's just say I've been told by those near and dear to me that I tend to get eccentric every now and then. SO- just know that although my posts may sound rosy most the time, I'm here at home, unloading the dishwasher, kissing hurt knees, worrying about our adoption and screaming at the dog (I find I am more of a "dog screamer" than a "dog whisperer").
*These people need to feel the exhilaration of breaking a rule every now and then.

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