Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today I cleaned out my son's nightstand drawer. He says it is his "safe keepin'" place, where people can't get it. What people he is concerned about we're not quite sure. Amongst numerous candy and bubble gum wrappers (household contraband) this is what I found:

One Spiderman valentine from Grandma and Grandpa
One small tub Winnie the Pooh lip balm
Four unsharpened pencils with various themes
One tongue depressor with magnets glue on the end
One sea shell
One SpongeBob plastic wallet
One half painted wooden rocket
One plastic pizza box holder upper
One Chucky Cheese token

The token is an enigma. We have only been to Chucky Cheese once, when he was like two or something.

I also found this set of drawings that I thought very curious. I wonder if he was experimenting with facial expressions or could this be his first attempt at journaling?

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Julie Petry said...

Precious Thomas! I love getting to peek into your "safe keepin" place. You have some very special treasures. Hug your mom today and here's a hug from me! OOXX -- Aunt Julie