Monday, February 25, 2008

double happiness

Amy's Twins

Part of our adoption home study included "parenting" classes. It came to light three quarters of the way through the course that the teacher, in fact, had no children of her own. No wonder she was an expert on parenthood.

Anyway, one of the good things to come out of the whole deal was that I made a really good friend. Amy and her husband had been waiting for two years for their referral. She was desperate to become a mother. She was jaded by years of infertility. And then things changed.

Amy and Tim finally received a referral, for not one, but two baby girls, twins in fact. I had made Amy a necklace with a cherry blossom and the Chinese name she had picked out which means cherry blossom. I had to quickly add another link with a second name! Katy and Julia have since entirely taken over Amy's gorgeous, sophisticated house. I'll just mention that now, there is a rather large train track encircling their grand piano.

We get together every now and then and I love to see Amy mother her two rambunctious little china dolls. She is a natural.

I think often about the twins, because they are so cute and the story of their adoption is special, but also because, in my mind, Mei Mei has taken on the likeness of Amy's girls. When I dream about her, she looks just like them. They give me something semi concrete to hold on to.


Ashley said...

What gorgeous girls!

Jennifer said...

I remember the first time I dreamed about our girl and her face was clear. It's kind of a bittersweet thing for me, though. It makes me ache for her and we still have so long to wait.

Your friend's girls are precious.