Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have decided, that every Sunday I will feature artists that I deem noteworthy. It empowers me that in this little world that is my blog, I am queen, president and chief bottle washer. I call all the shots. This isn't the case in every other facet of my life. And so- "henseforth, Sundays shall be design day!", speaks the queen.

I have ordered two amazing paintings from this artist. Her work is absolutely magical. This is how she describes herself and her art:

"I, Alison Whittington, am a freelance writer and artist currently living in the Tidewater area of Virginia, but am originally from the west coast, California and Nevada, and count Philadelphia as my second home. I am crazy about vivid colors, incredible adventures, intriguing stories and magical settings. One of my many dreams is to build my own sailboat or ship and sail around the world. I don't know how to sail yet, but I'll learn."



Kiersten said...

I like your blog already! You obviously have a great sense of style and design, judging simply by the layout. Maybe I should have you do mine...

The Downtown Boutique said...

These paintings are very cool! And I love the colors in your blog. It's very cool and relazing.