Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rats & Traditions

Welcome to the year of the rat! Today is officially Chinese New Year. I was so happy to see that Nick Jr. has a new show starting today called Ni Hao Kai-lan celebrating Chinese culture. I hope The Boy likes it. It could be a great way to expose him to all things Chinese. I am going to San Diego to one of our favorite Chinese bakeries to pick up some yummy treats for dinner.


Last year I made a necklace in celebration of Chinese New Year, so I decided to start a new tradition and I made another one this year. This is the year of the rat, however, I decided to stick with using a dragon because, after all, it is hard to find a nice looking rat. Not that there is anything wrong with rats. Sugar Daddy is a rat (in the zodiac sense only).


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XUE said...

Ni hao er jie! How nice to read about you & that soon you'll have a daughter from China. My heart feels yr excitement & joy. Like yr daughter, I was not wanted for the same reasons. I am now a mother & hv 2 kids who I love very much. My name is Xue & I am Chinese.