Friday, February 08, 2008


I started out the new year with a bang. My "New Year" necklace was featured on the front page of Etsy and so my sales took a nice jump. I spent two hours at the gym, boxing and spinning. I visited one of my favorite bead stores in San Diego and took The Boy to get some pho' for lunch. He had a strawberry smoothie, I had a "three beaner"* I was crafty enough to get out of making dinner at home by offering to take a sick friend's children out to dinner. I am such a giving, service oriented person when I can somehow work it to my advantage. Note to self: work on true selflessness, starting next year. I had movie night with Sugar Daddy and watched a documentary on the very twisted artist/novelist Henry Darger. It was a good day. I hope it is an omen for the year to come.

Illustration from Realms of the Unreal by Henry Darger

*See cucina chronicles

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