Monday, February 18, 2008


soundtrack for today

Spent today getting caught up on special orders and chatting with the Craft Queen (my mom) who flew in from the cold North on Saturday. I have never known a time when my mom wasn't working on a project. I got a healthy dose of her craft genes coupled with the hobby genes from my father. I have, what I like to call "do-it-yourself deoxyribonucleic acid" (DIY DNA for short).

My mother will be spending the week here in "paradise", and I am so glad to have help with The Rodent. Do all boys become exceptionally messy at four and a half? In the last 48 hours I have cleaned up spills of Tang, flour, dirt, muffin crumbs, sand, Playdough, Legos, Cheetos and Gatorade. I also found a cup full of worms next to his sink and a booger smeared on my sofa.

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