Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just a spoonful of sugar. . .

janne peters

Yesterday was a little rough. We were hard at work on our home study and feeling the pinch big time.

Thomas had his doctor's appointment to fill out his medical record. He ended up with four shots and a cheap little board book as a consolation prize from the nurse. I've always hated when the boy has to have shots. I used to cry when he was a baby. Yesterday, at the height of weakness, I whispered promises in his ear as the tears rolled down his cheeks. We ended up at McDonald's for a Happy Meal followed by a not-so-healthy dose of Easter candy. Please save your judgements for mothers with a stronger constitution than myself. I should have made Sugar Daddy take him.

We also had our first foster parent class. Ai yi yi.

How did it go? It was mildly excruciating. They started off the three hour class by having us write our names in marker on a large blue card. We were to also draw a picture of something that was important to us. Our "name cards" will be displayed each class.

It is a wonder to me that these people, who are teaching the class at the most remedial level, are going to be willing to hand over foster parent certification to people whom they obviously deem to be idiots.

Stanley drew stars on his name card to signify that "Dancing with the Stars" is important to him.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me that there is a little sugar baby waiting for us at the end of all this paperwork. It makes it all go down just a little easier.

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RitterB's said...

It is never easy getting all the paper work completed! It will be Oh soon forgotten when Sugar Baby is in your arms.