Friday, April 17, 2009

you just can't take me anywhere

My mother used to say that. "I just can't take you kids anywhere." I realized two things yesterday. One, I really have never grown up, and two, she was right.

My sophisticated neighbor Denise took me to lunch at the Four Seasons for my birthday. I arrived before her and I was awestruck with the gardens. I couldn't help myself. I crawled around in the flower beds snapping photos with my iPhone. The gardeners looked on, dumbstruck that a guest would do such a thing. It didn't deter me. I've been called a señora blanca loca before.

We sat on the terrace overlooking the golf course and the bay. I sipped my diet coke in the shade of the yellow and white striped umbrella and hummed a little to myself. Denise was pleased that she could please me.

"Aren't we so lucky?" I asked with eyes closed to the sunshine.

"You mean to be eating lunch here?" Denise responded.

"To live here. To live in this amazing place? I mean look around you. This is paradise."

Denise looked around as if to consider the idea. Obviously she has spent more time in paradise than I have. She is accustomed to the good life.

On the other hand, paradise isn't just sprawling gardens and fancy silverware. It's having a soft place to fall. It's friends that laugh at your jokes. It's pink baby cheeks and family cuddles on a Sunday morning.

I don't think I'll ever get over that fact that I live at the beach. Every time I turn onto the coast highway I loose my breath. I think I will forever be crawling through gardens and yelling for people to come see the starfish in the tide pools. Hopefully, my paradise will always include people, like Denise and my friends and family, who humor me in my childish behavior.


FitToSeeJane said...

I used to live by the beach and I miss it. I love the mountains though. I think I need two homes...
But enjoy a sunny day for me!

Elizabeth said...

I hear you. I never tire, as well, from this amazing southern California weather. The ocean a few miles away, the freedom of it all. I love the image of you crawling around in the gardens of the Four Seasons. That's excellent.

QuirkyGirl said...

My daughter's tell their friends that mommy is really Peter Pan. I love this. It is my ultimate goal: To Never Be A Grown-Up!!! I can be responsible and a good mom and still be a kid in my heart. Keep crawling in those Gardens, Sister Chick. If everyone saw the beauty of a garden so amazing they had to get in it and be a part of it we'd all live in a better world :)

Amy said...

I feel the same way...when we go eat breakfast or out to eat on the coast or play in the sand on the beach I ALWAYS say...I can't believe we live here. Of course its only been a year. But I hope the wonder never goes away. And now I must leave and check out these gardens you speak of :)

annie said...

Thanks for the laugh. Great post.