Thursday, April 30, 2009


d.s. brennan

I am entirely convinced that the Earth's revolution has slowed way down these last few weeks. Do you notice it too?

Time is ticking by so slowing that the vegetables in my garden haven't grown at all since I planted them. Each day is equivalent to two.

I am waiting. Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere.

Having completed all the preparations for the baby, I'm turning to myself. I had a facial. I scheduled a massage and a day with Hans. I've been sleeping in and running all the errands that will be difficult to do once the baby arrives.

Least you think I'm living a rock and roll life style over here, you must know that I am spending this morning chipping away at the Mt. Everest of laundry sitting in my hallway and scooping the dog poop off the lawn. As much as I try to live the high life, my feet are firmly grounded in the everyday muck of motherhood.

And I like it that way.


Diana said...

Thanks so much for featuring "Lilies of the Valley" on your blog :-)

stacee said...

Ok, I totally feel off my chair when I read your e-mail this weekend. I am so sorry for not staying in touch lately. So many amazing things happening, congrats. When is the birthmom due?
We would be more than happy to watch Finn while you are gone.
I hope we can catch up, but understand how busy you must be.
If you don't already have a swing, we have one, barely used, that Patterson loved.