Wednesday, April 29, 2009

nobody likes the purple chiclets

Right now is literally the first time I've stopped moving today. I'm a little tired. Too tired, in fact, to make dinner.

So we went out.

Ben choose one of our regular haunts, a colorful little Mexican restaurant right on Highway 101. I had tortilla soup. Ben had pozole and Thom ordered a hamburger.

Thomas particularly likes this restaurant because they have Chiclets at the cash register. Only ten cents. What a bargain.

After much deliberation, Thom settled on red.

"That's cinnamon." I told him.

"I know, I've had them before and I know I like red." he said in between bounces. Thom gets pretty excited over gum.

"Look, there are purple Chiclets!" I mused to no one in particular.

"The purple ones are gross, nobody likes them." Ben warned. "Don't get purple."

But purple is my signature color AND there is the little matter of Ben's reliability.

You see, my husband is effected gravely by the "Knowitis Allis" bug. Everything that comes out of Ben's mouth is stated as fact. He's very believable.

"It will rain today."
"The law is in our favor."
"You make a right turn in two blocks."
"That will give you gas."
"That country is falling apart."
"That film was made in 1957."
"You actually wear a size D bra."

This is my life.

The hard thing about it is that for the most part, he is usually right. And Knowitis Allis isn't necessarily a bad thing for a lawyer to have.

There have been plenty of times, however, that I have caught him red handed. And this makes me suspicious. Very suspicious. So I question him quite a bit.

This is why I went ahead and got the purple gum that is my signature color.

I popped all four pieces in my mouth and chomped away. It tasted like old lady lavender talcum powder. Ben was delighted to see my sour face. I spit it out.

From the back seat Thom asked "What color did you get Mom?"


"Did you like it?"


"Told ya you shouldn't have got it."

He's just like his father.


Anonymous said...

As you know my husband caught that bug a long time ago, except he prefaces it with "I'll tell you what!" Too funny! Is there a cure?

brooke said...


Jill said...

OH WOW! Are you married to my husband? Oh wait ... they are twins from different mother's!

Love the story about the gum. I can totally picture the entire scene. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!

I'm so excited! The next few weeks are going to be amazing! Keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your blog. Love the pictures!

Ilena said...

oh that bug grrrrr.... when you find a cure let me know!

I've tagged you on my blog today, if you have time or the notion to follow along!

Claire said...

The first (and only) time I ate a purple chiclet I spit it out too....

Great story!

Julie said...

try growing up with him! He always knew how to "get my goat" as Dad would say. But then again, he could make me feel like the best big sister ever. Gotta love him!

Corinne said...

Hi April, I was struck by your story of the purple chiclets...growing up in Scotland we had these little purple sweets (candies you would say here) that tasted of violet...they were exactly like the old lady lavendar talcum you so accurately described...except, believe it or not, they were very popular little sweeties and quite addictive. Thanks for that little trip down memory lane - even if it was at the expense of your tastebuds!