Friday, April 03, 2009

twigs and buds

I have been spending more and more time in my garden these days. Teasing each plant back to life. Talking to the vegetables. Puttering.

I feel anxious when I look at the buds on everything. They are shiny chartreuse babies. So vulnerable to weather and pests. So full of promise.

I realized today that maybe it isn't the buds I'm anxious about after all. We still have six weeks until our little girl arrives. Waiting isn't easy.

We bought a package of ladybugs to keep away the aphids. Thom loves to buy ladybugs and always begs to keep a few dozen in his bug catcher. Its a small price to pay for a couple days of pure boyhood fun.

I have decided that the boy will be my ladybug. We have six weeks left of pure one on one time. I'm keeping him in my bug jar. I just hope he fairs a little better than the less fortunate ones, loved to death by a boy, in the confines of a plastic bottle with a magnifying lid.

Check out these twiggy pretties.

This wall decal is available through Janey Mac:

I love these little twig bobbies by The Sparrow's Nest.

Elizabeth Scott's twig interpretation:



Anonymous said...

you always have such sweet sentiments!

Laura said...

I have a picture framed...Jack,Belle and Annie..a trip to the zoo...melting ice cream cones in their sticky hands. It was our last day together as "just the four of us". The day before Luke was born.

We all love that picture. It was the "us" before everything changed.

And the change? Well, of course, we love that, too. But those last moments? Cherish every single second. Put that sweet little bug in that jar now, and screw the lid on tight.

Corinne said...

i'm new to your blog and i loved this post. beautiful thoughts and words to match. i'll keep reading, corinne

Tessa Nelson said...

Next year when you need ladybugs, just let me know, I'll sweep some up and send them your way! we have so, so many of them here:-/

Jeanneoli said...

Beautiful photos...and sweet post.

shelleycaskey said...

hi april ~ i just discovered your blog through uncommongrace. i really love your style! i'll be visiting regularly. :) ~ shelley (waldorfmama)

p.s. i'm the one who knitted the little silk pilot cap that grace's baby fiona is wearing in one of her photos. :) i sell them in my etsy shop, which you can find via my blog (i'm a bit backlogged on custom orders right now but i'd be more than happy to knit one for you and your new baby, if you like.) :)

Amy said...

Beautiful images and beautiful words.. I just stumbled across your blog and it's just gorgeous, I will drop by again!

Laura said...

still in the garden????