Saturday, April 18, 2009

my green girl

Jo is opening her own online shop. She asked me to come and take some photos that she can use to build her site. Our little model, Sam, was very cheerful and accommodating and didn't make any outrageous demands or throw any tantrums. It could be because he actually eats. In fact, he tried to eat every prop in site.

Jo, who is my go to green girl for all things eco-friendly, will be selling biodegradable diapers and organic baby items. I will be sure to let you know when her shop is up and running. She has sold me on the idea of using biodegradable diapers. I hope they don't leak. I can't hang with that. I will be her first discerning customer.

After our amateur photo shoot, we ate tuna fish sandwiches and grapes on a blanket under a shady tree. Our five-year-olds graced us with a acrobatics display which included many daring tricks, much showmanship and one hurt ankle.

I would also like to tell everyone withing the reach of my blog that Sam, who really doesn't like anyone but his parents and his nanny, loves me. We are snuggle buddies.

I wonder if Amelie will like him as much as I do.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos! You're so talented and I just love your blog.

On another note, this might be a weird question, but I wonder if you might ask your friend if she knows of anyone making/selling biodegradable diapers for special needs youth? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the footsie shot. Baby feet are better than anything.

jojo said...

My Darling April, he does love you, almost as much as me. The diapers won't leak and if they do, I will give you all your money back and some. Thanks so much for a lovely time. You are a beautiful friend and a pretty handy snapper!

chris said...

I disagree with the comment about sam only liking his immediate family and nanny. I spent some quality time with him yesterday and we hit it off quite well...

jo - will you be supplying eco-friendly adult diapers? I will likely need some as I move towards the twilight part of my life

jojo said...

One other thing, we must get away from the concept or belief that organic or natural and bridgeable products are a compromise in function or comfort. It's not true but this is, every year of a baby’s life results in a mountain of used diapers weighing half a ton every year. Half a ton! Traditional diapers are made of plastics made from oils and chemicals. They sit in landfills forever and are absorbed in to our children’s skin. It's not nice, it's not pretty, it's just wrong. My diapers are actually better than traditional ones, absorb more and feel better and without the yukky disgusting gel stuff. There are no compromises, cause I am all about function...anyway, I will be quiet.