Friday, February 12, 2010

between a rock and a hard place

I asked Sugar Daddy what he wants for Valentine's this year besides the obvious. He said he doesn't want any sugar for Valentines because he is trying to shed a few pounds. This puts me in a tough spot because candy is my go to with the hubby.

I thought about getting him a t-shirt or a new belt but after fifteen years of marriage those gifts are a little over done.

The happy ending is that being between a rock and a hard place gave me an idea.

A few months ago, Sugar Daddy moved into a new office and he said he wanted a low maintenance plant for his desk. I went to my stash of beach rocks, picked out a nice one and drew us as birds in white ink.

Then I got side tracked, as I tend to do, and drew on a whole bunch of rocks.

I had fun.

I used black and white ink with a calligraphy pen.

Then I went and bought an awesome apothecary jar, some charcoal, soil, moss and a darling little plant called "Moses in a Cradle". With a name like that, I had to have it.

I took everything home and assembled a terrarium for Sugar Daddy's desk.

This is how to assemble a terrarium:

I tried my hand at felting a little mushroom which turned out lame in a charming sort of way. But I also felted some green balls which are delightful.

I added my little love rock and sealed it with a kiss.

I'm giving it to him early because he barged into my studio unannounced (which is what we always do around here) and saw what I was up to.

I had left over moss and plants so I made a little sumpin' sumpin' for me too.

If you are stumped about what to give this Valentines, may I suggest you go to your favorite nature spot, pick up some rocks and create a minature ecosystem for your lovey. If you are thinking in your mind "But I can't draw", first I will say, stop whining. This isn't drawing, it's doodling. Everybody doodles. Then I will direct you to this children's book.

If you still don't think you can do it, go ahead and use stamps. Lame, but still cute.


Cindy said...

but when did you change diapers? And have time to write this?

margie said...

you...continue to amaze...this is so sweet and so much better than socks or sex...this will last...sugar daddy is a lucky man...
kiss kiss

365 Letters said...

You are so talented...and inspiring! I love visiting your blog.

lorie said...

You are awesome!

Stephanie said...

I love this. So cool!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

I love those doodly rocks! Especially the little russian doll one. Really cute!!

We love The Dot in our house. Have you read Ish by the same author. It is another fave of ours.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Elizabeth said...

When I look at your amazing creativity, I sigh and feel grateful that since my husband is Swiss, I can still give him some chocolate.

tina said...

absolutely sweet! thanks for sharing!

The Dreaming Bear said...

This is absolutely delightful! What a fabulous idea! Love the birdies! Thanks for sharing!

Jessa said...

Beautiful idea! The rocks are gorgeous. And, coincidentally, one corner of my computer just happens to be propped on our copy of The Dot, which is my two-year-old's go-to book at the moment. Love it.

Tracy said...

LOVE this!!! Awesome! : )

Julie said...

Love this idea! Thx for sharing! Love those oh-so-cute rocks too!

Jamie said...

Wow! Your rocks are amazing.. you have managed to paint them with such great detail! I hope it's okay, I just couldn't help but feature your super cute rocks on my 'rock painting' round-up I just finished. You can see it here:

Thank you so much for sharing your rocks! They are very inspiring :)