Monday, November 30, 2009

christmas first

Thom spent the better part of the weekend telling everyone that he couldn't wait until "Christmas first".

What he means is he can't wait for the first day of December, which can be translated to, the first day of advent, wherein he gets to open a little door and see what little wonder awaits him.

I've been gathering up all the little wonders for the last month or so. I think we will kick the season off with a Matchbox car or maybe some chocolate gold coins.

I'm pretty excited myself. Having little kids makes Christmas magic.

I decided to go all out with the decorations this year. I'm doing it up Pam Campbell style with all the glitter and ribbon I can get my hands on.

My favorite project so far is my paper amaryllis wreath. It makes me happy every time I walk past it.

It's big and colorful and oh so very festive.

The tree is up, the mantle is decked out (pics to follow), the Christmas sheets are on the bed.

I'm ready.

Bring on Christmas first.


From the Kitchen said...

LOVE the wreath, colors, etc. Oh how I wish I had the talent to do one! Enjoy the continuing decorating and the children. Can't wait to see them "decked" out. And now I must get out and stock the larder, etc. before the snows start--maybe Wednesday evening!

Kari said...

Details on the wreath, por favor. It's really lovely.

margie said...

The wreath is heaven...
i lOve love love it!
can't wait to have one of my own!
kiss kiss

tollestrupfamily said...

Can we make these too?

Anonymous said...

You'll have to email some of your advent ideas! Today they got a broken candy bar & a note about being sweet (pathetic)...i need help!

Studio 111 said...

LOVE the wreath! Can you tell us how you made it (I'm assuming you did). I need one for my house. Good wreaths are hard to come by.