Tuesday, November 10, 2009

coming home

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Let me set the scene.

Sugar Daddy pitted against a large L.A. firm with lawyers so slick their suits glimmered in the sunshine. It was an ugly, personal struggle. It was family members on either side of the fight. Millions were at stake and an 85 year old mother was relying on Ben and his partner to bring justice to light.

This is what it meant to our family:

No daddy for three weeks.

He worked all day every day and I awoke in the wee hours of the night to find him finally returned to me, tired and beat.

In the morning he'd be long gone.Yesterday was magical. Yesterday Sugar Daddy, the love of my life, a talented lawyer and amazing father, triumphed.

Yesterday the jury saw through all the fancy foot work of the L.A. firm and delivered justice.


Come home now. I feel like you have been away at war. I know you are weary. Let me hold your head in my lap and kiss your temples. The children need to hold your hand and feel your presence. We need you
back. We have missed you.

Well done Counselor.



Jill said...

Great job Ben! And April ... congrats for enduring through this "trial." Believe me ... I COMPLETELY understand. Now, I think a nice little vacation to southern Utah is in order. (wink, wink)

Love to you all!

Deb said...

How lovely for him to have such an honouring and supportive wife and family! That was beautifully written! :)

elizabeth said...

Go Sugar Daddy!!

So glad it is a happy ending... I'm sure it was tough...

Loved reading that!

Sabrina said...

Okay I stumbled on your blog because I was at Spark. I loved this post. I work at a law firm as a paralegal and was in Memphis for a 3 week trial this summer. You summed it up exactly how that felt. I was so grateful to be home and it seriously felt like 3 weeks of my life were taken away at our trial.

Oh thanks for your make n' take at Spark. Seriously your stamps are so amazing. It was such a fun weekend.