Sunday, November 22, 2009

a good yarn

The weather is turning "cold". As a Utah girl, I will forever find it necessary to put cold in quotes when I am referring to San Diego weather. It helps me avoid rousing by my family members.

So the weather is turning "cold". In the morning I wrap my big fluffy robe around the baby and we tip toe down stairs to turn on the fireplace and make her a warm bottle. The boy comes flopping, sleepy, down the stairs in his footed jammies. He crawls up on the couch next to us and kisses his sister on the head. She kicks her feet.

It is my favorite time of the day. It is my time of the day to love being a mommy.

I'm starting to think about getting out my crochet. I love to crochet in the wintertime. It's a winter craft.

I've been dying to share all the details of Sugar Daddy's big case, but somehow it feels wrong. It's a story of a prodigal son and a heart broken mother. It's really not my story to share.

Instead, I thought I'd tell you another amazing and true story about Sugar Daddy. Get comfortable. It's a good yarn...

A few years ago Jenny and I went out for dinner with girlfriends. The guys stayed home with the kids.

See? Don't you love this story already?

Jenny's husband and Sugar Daddy's best friend is Andre the Greek. Andre the Greek is a loose cannon. It's a well known fact. Indisputable.

Andre the Greek wanted to go get his boat and get it ready for a fishing trip in the morning. The boys took the kids with them in the Surburban to pick up the boat. They got the boat hooked up and were headed for home. The kids were happily playing together in the back seat. The boys were eagerly discussing the plans for the fishing trip the next day.

About the time Jenny and I were digging into a brownie sunday, Andre the Greek let out a stream of curses that we can only hope the children won't remember. Sugar Daddy, who was sitting in the passenger seat, looked over his right shoulder just in time to see the boat passing the Surburban.

They were on a long stretch of road with a fairly steep gradient. What happened next has been the topic of much discussion. The boat, as if it had a mind all it's own, completely passed the Surburban and continued down the road at a fiery pace, swaying this way and that and generally creating quite a spectacle. There was much cursing from the dads and jumping up and down of children.

After a while, the boat, deciding freedom wasn't all it was cracked up to be, edged up to the curb and slowly leaned into the guardrail, sparks flying, until it came to a complete stop, fairly undamaged.

The rest of the story is history. The cops came. They put down flares and talked to the kids. Andre the Greek laughed heartily over his good fortune. One of Sugar Daddy's friends came to check out the scene and brought some fried chicken. According to the kids, it was a great night.

The night the boat came unhinged and took a joy ride.

True story.


From the Kitchen said...

Love the story! I realize from your post that you are in San Diego. We lived in La Jolla where both of our sons were born at Scripp's. We now live in Chicago. Talk about "cold"!!!! Must admit that I do like snow--other than just seeing it on the easterly mountain tops from my La Jolla bedroom.

Kristi Kroeger said...

I remember that. The Greek is definately a loose cannon anyone can love!

Rebecca said...

That made my chuckle out loud. Thanks for sharing. Everyone is staring at me wondering what the heck I am laughing at. said...

Thank you for the laugh ~ Sounds like something my husband & his "brothers" would have happen too!

Webb Family News said...

I do remember that story, and I can't stop laughing. Only those things happen to Andre. He definitely lives an amusing life, and those that live near him get to enjoy the ride, literally.

Cindy said...

What great writing.

I, too, love to play with yarn when it gets cold. I am in ATL, with Utah and Idaho family, so I get what you are saying when you put "cold" in quotes!
(But I also like to post photos of our "winter" here just to encourage them to move Down South.)

Rachel said...

That is such a great story!! I love how someone brought fried chicken too! Classic!