Monday, November 09, 2009


wynona robison
If you didn't heed my advice and come to Spark....

big mistake. BIG mistake.

Just sayin'.


Lori Shrout said...

how fun was that photo booth !!
Loved Spark - I agree anybody who didn't go will be wishin they did.
Fabulous to meet you.

Erin Bassett said...

So good to see you at Spark! Love your photo booth pics. :D

Amy said...

April... What a weekend! We had so dang much fun! Will you please move closer to us? I love the photobooth pics... I am trying fo to remember the name that made us laugh till we hurt... ya know the one that made Margie eat purple cabbage and poppyseeds...oh well, it would have been hilarious if I could have signed her name to my half frozen face... Please keep in touch... you are one of my most favorite people!

elizabeth said...

couldn't have been more perfect!

thanks april, for all you did!