Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've never gone hungry.

Sure, there were times when I was first married that our cupboards were bare. One time we ate canned pineapple for a week until the next paycheck came. But the paycheck did come and we didn't loose any weight. Unfortunately for me.

My belly has never known true hunger.

But my heart has.

My heart has been cold and shrived and hard for want of a child. My heart has been starved to bitterness.

Sadly, I fear I didn't do very well on this life test.

This year my heart is big and full and bursting out of my chest. This Thanksgiving I fall to my knees and thank the Lord every chance I get for my miracle children.

This year my want is completely gone. This year I can't think of a single thing I don't already have.

Why am I so blessed?


And so my prayer is one of much gratitude and thanksgiving with one more tiny request.

Please Lord, let me live a life deserving of all that I have.


tollestrupfamily said...

Why do you have to make me cry when I read your blog posts? Although I do have to say that blessings look good on you.

melissa said...

Beautifully said. You are one of those outstanding people. When I met you at the Spark Event, I thought you were so talented. Well, you have proven that you are much more than that.

Great job at being a thoughtful and gracious person.

This is melissa, the dressmaker.

Shane, Megan, CJ and R-Baby said...

Amen. That's all I have to reverently and honestly say.

tollestrupfamily said...

#1 Fav