Sunday, November 15, 2009

happiness is...

... a sleeping baby and glitter on my sewing machine. If you can't tell, I'm ruffling my glitter ribbon, cuz' every thing's better with ruffles.

And glitter for that matter.

I inherited my sewing machine from Sugar Daddy's grandma Hazel. It's older than I am and every now and then I consider getting a new one, by what the hey- they don't make things like they used to (or so says my mother).

I think I'll hold on to it. It has sentimental value even though I barely knew Ben's grandma before she died. Amelie was almost named Hazel. I love that name.

Here's to many more days of productive (and when I say productive I don't mean it in the household chores sense, just to clarify) nap times.


margie said...

oh delish...what is it you are making...something for the holidays? I wanted to get crafty yesterday but was in de-junk clean my studio is ready for me...

Heather Carson said...

Hi! Nice to meet you at Spark! I think I must get a ruffler attachment. How fun!

Rhonna Farrer said...

oooo, glitter?

mmmm...sounds deeelish!
& knowing YOUR amazing artistic'll be *magic*
love ya!

stacy di said...

you can't have too much glitter or sparkles!

my grandma's name was Hazel too! :)