Wednesday, February 02, 2011

love story

On this, the second day of February, I want to share with you a love story.  This is the right month to do this.

There is no definitive history of Valentine's Day. I tried to get to the bottom of it. By that, I mean, I spent a few minutes online googling it. But I think it is in February because it must have felt like a cold, barren, nothing month to the people who decided on the date.  They knew they couldn't change the weather so they decided to warm it up with love.  That's my theory anyway.

Now. To the love story. It's a true one.

It might make you cry.  Don't fight the tears. It means your heart is healthy.

Click here to listen to the story as told by Alan Lundgard and Emilie Gossiaux.

Don't you just love that Alan?


Anne Thompson said...

What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing this podcast. Anne

melissa said...

How I love love love radio lab... and this american life.... and radio west. My happy moments are quiet, hand sewing times while listening to these programs. Sigh. Thank you for the beautiful story. I have been thinking of it for two days now. You are too cool.