Friday, February 18, 2011


Today the Sugar Daddy and I are flying away for a romantic weekend in San Francisco to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We are leaving the rugrats with my mom.  Poor Mom. They are going to eat her for dinner. I just know it.

I keep thinking I wish we were going longer but a) my mom would hate me, and b) I talk a big game but when it comes down to it, I just couldn't be away from my babies for very long.

It's the physicality aspect that gets me.  All day I have a baby on me in some fashion. Little arms around my neck. Slobbery smooches across my face. Little bottoms on my lap. Pudgy hands around my legs as I work in the kitchen.

It's that physical contact that I start to crave.  It's involuntary, like muscle memory.  My lips start to need a fat cheek to kiss. My arms feel empty.  I feel like a crab without a shell.  Naked.

Then again, the Sugar Daddy and I haven't had a romantic weekend day hour to ourselves in a long time.  Maybe I'll be getting all the physical attention I can take.

And I'll leave it at that.


Apryl said...

Oh April, I'm so glad for you! Have a wonderful time w/your man and when you get back you can catch up on all those
Smooches! Enjoy!

Laurie said...

Ooohhh, sound like you are going to have a good time...good for you, every mom needs some space, it's essential to our sanity! But I do know what you mean...I miss my little guy after he takes a long nap although I do enjoy the nap time to myself.

Jen said...

April have blast. I think we all need a fat cheek to kiss - don't we! I sure do!!

Sharon said...

although I love those baby smooches... I REALLY love those husband smooches ;) Enjoy your weekend!

the smiths said...

oh how i understand your need for time away yet a need so deep for your children! i hope it was a wonderful weekend getaway!