Thursday, February 17, 2011

pin it baby

So I'm sure you've heard.  Pinterest is all the rage. And for good reason. 

It's such a simple concept but one that is oh so useful to those of us who gather inspiration like wild flowers, here and there, as we travel the web. Products we want. Ideas we like. People. Places. Things.

A virtual inspiration board. 

I'm addicted. 

Here's a few of my pins over the last little while:

You can follow my Pinterest pins and many others here. 


Rebecka said...

I've never heard of this. There is sooooo much gorgeous stuff over on that page.

margie said...

like crack...
i am addicted...

Giny Cortés said...

LOVE it! Thanks for the hookup ;)

Princess Danell said...

I think we are pin-pals! And SNAP, I have that yellow console pinned also. Brilliant! Like I need one more site to suck up my time.Bahaha!