Tuesday, March 31, 2009

five and a half

Amy and Dave

Tomorrow I will be thirty-five. Damn I'm getting old. Maybe I'll get some Botox and a pair of Spanx. Actually, I'm going to see Hans because he can always work some magic and make me feel divine.

My little sister, Amy, is five and half years younger than me. It makes a big difference. She isn't getting wrinkles yet. She can still count her grey hairs.

When Amy was first born, she was my living doll. She was a beautiful child, all curls and smiles. She flourished in the lime light of our little family. At five and a half, I thought she was my personal miracle. I loved her dearly.

Amy, Dave and Charley

And then my brother was born. What can I say? Eight-year-old girls can be fickle creatures.

It was many years before I rediscovered the magic that is my little sister. Lost years.

I have worried about the age difference between Thom and the new baby. Will they play together? Will they be close? I have come to the conclusion that it may take time, maybe years, but they will have their own unique relationship. I won't be able to choreograph it, it will happen on its own, organically. He already sees her as his own personal miracle. He keeps reaffirming to me that she will be "his baby".

He has called dibs on all night feedings which sounds fabulous, if only it worked that way.

As for Amy and I, well, five and a half years is only a measure of the time we didn't get to spend being sisters. I think we have more than made up for lost time.


QuirkyGirl said...

There are 10 years between my baby brother and I. When I was 12 I became angry telling my father he "ripped me off". My brother wouldn't ever know me because when I left home he would still be so small. My dad stopped the car! Turned in his seat and told me the only way Timothy wouldn't know me is if I chose it that way. In high school, his friends always commented that he and I were closer than the siblings they lived with. This still holds true. There is magic in sibling-ary. They'll weave their own spell. No worries, Momma.

Kari said...

I worried about this, too, with Jack (5) and Ian (1) but I have been completely surprised. From the moment they first met, Jack refered to him as "my baby Ian" and was eagerly involved in everything to do with the baby. Jack happily plays baby games, if it means getting to play with Ian, and he has much more patience for playing peek-a-boo for an hour straight than do I. Jack makes him laugh in a way that no one else can and he lights up when Ian will crawl into his room and want to play. And when Ian picked up the idea of playing catch, months before his first birthday, they become totally interactive--something I didn't dream of happening for years and years. (I think the desire to be close that resides in them, slows Jack up a bit and ages Ian a bit faster so the gap is smaller.)

It will all work out and be more magical than you can now imagine Have your camera ready. And congratulations, again.

Oh, yeah--and Happy Birthday, Old Lady.

Amyesq said...

Oh yay! Happy Birthday, April! And aren't you getting the best gift of all?

Oh, and we can go together to get the Botox.

emily said...

I have a sister who is 12 years older than me, and we're best friends.

Happy birthday!

Amy said...

Wow! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am going to be a total stalker! I love your artistic style, great photos, expressive #*%@* words, your stories and the glimpses into your fun fun life. I will for sure be back!

Amy said...

p.s. happy birthday tomorrow! I am 38 and 35 seems good to me!

purejoy said...

i really liked today's post. especially the part where you said that five and a half years is only a measure of the time we didn't get to spend being sisters. i think we have more than made up for lost time.
so sweet.
my sister and i are almost ten years apart and she is my big sister, but also had to be my mom since mine was laid up with back surgery. we have a special bond.
and i'm especially excited about having her daughter come and live with us in the fall as she attends college nearby. i'm pretty pumped.