Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a nod from the universe

I received a letter that I want to pass along. I hope that it inspires you to listen to the still small voice that guides us all through life.

Hi, April-

This is a bit weird- but I just wanted to share with you that your wonderful singing bird bracelet was part of one of those whole chain of synchronicities that sometimes happen to us all. You know, the kind that are profound and feel so special and like a nod from the Universe, a reassurance that all is as it should be and you are on the right path... but if explained to someone else, the series of things would not sound at all profound or particularly connected. They are just little occurrences that, when they come all grouped together, open up a whole new faith in possibilities.

I just came across the green branch/singing bird quote for the first time this week (and I thought, initially, that it related to my love life until other things happened and then I came upon your bracelet and the description). And at the same time I'd come across the fabulous attached photo with that great saying on the tattoo and the little girl who is adopted from China. And there were all of these other things that came together and reminded me of how possible my long-held desire to adopt might actually be.

Stumbling upon your listing for your singing bird bracelet which led to reading your blog just tied all of the cool synchronicites together and made it all feel so special. So I just wanted to say that, even though I am not in the market for the bracelet at this moment, it, along with what you shared in your blog, has meant a lot to me. And I wanted to pass this cool photo on to you as way of sharing something back.

Enjoy- and thank you for putting your work and thoughts out there for others to find (or to be led to, as I tend to think in this case).


Singing Bird Bracelet

The final little quirk in this story is that I am currently working on this very bracelet for another customer.


Shelby said...


We are so very excited for your little miracle arriving in May! I just can't stop thinking about how excited you must be and how happy a lot of people are for you! May is the perfect month for a baby (three of ours are in May) so you will surely enjoy it!

with love.

Heather Moore said...

Oh April,

I have not read your blog in a while but I have ached with you so many times at your longing for a baby. It took us 11 years to have our first so I understand a bit, though I know everyone's experience in different. So, today when I read your last few posts I just wanted to squeal with excitement for you! A baby! A baby girl, at that. You are meant to be a mom to a baby girl. I am so, so happy for you. For someone I don't even know, because you open such a clear window into your life through your words. God bless Emily and this sweet birth mom. Congrats sister. What wonderful news!

Heather in Utah