Monday, March 23, 2009

fun with dick and jane

You know after you eat a bowl of watermelon how there is always a little chunky juice and seeds floating around?

That's what my brain is like these days.

I lost my keys three times last week. I swear I have pregnancy brain. Is that possible?

Jenny has had the patience of Job. Our conversations go something like this:

Me: So I ran over to. . .

J: Trader Joes?

Me: Trader Joes, because I needed some berries for the. . .you know. . .

J: Salad? Dessert?

Me: Chocolate dessert thingy for what's their names birthday.

J: Caron and Michelle.

Me: Yeah, what time is that again?

Seriously. I'm having a really hard time with ye ol' noggin. I have a friend that bought herself a Nintendo DS so that she can play a game that is supposed to help exercise your brain. I was thinking that I might try something like that until I realized that the chances of me remembering to actually go buy the game are slim to none. I'm functioning on a Dick and Jane level over here people.

And now I think I will go downstairs and have some watermelon and watch my brain float around in the bowl.

See April. See April eat watermelon. See April leave dishes in the sink and blame it on her pregnancy brain when questioned by her husband.

P.S. I'm also eating for two.

Me circa 1976


QuirkyGirl said...

I'm so happy I found your blog via Emily Falconbridge's site. I'm enjoying reading this more and more each day.

This my brian while pregnant too. And yes, you can have pregnancy brian and eat for two. What great fun it will be to tell your little girl what your body was doing while you where waiting on her when she waits for her first little ones.

I think this just proves she was the one meant for you. Even your body tells you so.

Claire said...

Your sample conversation is absolutely hilarious. Don't worry about the pregnancy brain - people should be understanding.

Jill said...

I'm right there with you my friend! Can't think, can't get things done and EATING for two here as well. YIKES!

I am SO incredibly excited for US! Two girls within 4 weeks! We are going to have a BLAST with them.

Give Thomas and B-Rock a hug for us!