Thursday, March 19, 2009

heads up

I decided to go off caffeine. Then I came to my senses.

In about eight weeks I am going to be so sleep deprived that I will require a caffeine drip. After Thom was born I was so sleepy that I actually ran into the side of the garage when I was pulling the car in. Caffeine=function.

But I did want to do something to make myself more healthy. So I started drinking Yogi Detox tea. It is an herbal tea that is supposed to rid your body of toxins. Each little tag has a saying or a fortune. Here's what mine said today:

I carefully licked my finger and dabbed up all the Girl Scout Cookie crumbs before taking this photo, least you think I sit home and eat cookies all day. But the plate looks so very lonely without them. Damn those, Girl Scouts and their tender morsels! They are irresistible.

The past few days have been full of nothing but happiness. Every time I tell someone about our baby girl the happiness bubbles inside me anew.

I always knew that people learn and grow in times of strife. What I am starting to realise is that happiness teaches you how to look at the world in such a way that you see cheery things everywhere you go. Happiness breeds happiness. I guess this is something I have always known, but right here, right now, it is real and tangible.

It really is all about perspective. Oh the things you can see when you are looking up! This cherry tree stole my breath away. I snapped and photo and dreamt of having such a tree in my own back yard.

Today, as you go about your daily business, don't listen to anything that is down or depressing. Look up. You will see something amazing. I promise.

irene suckocki


K and/or K said...

I am reading your blog daily and I find myself thinking, 'she is so happy....a baby happy.' And then I think, 'wow, this will be me someday.' I cannot wait to recognize this joy and I am so thrilled for your very near future!

Laura said...

I agree. It is easy to let the sadness drag you down. I am a big believer in simply walking outside of the house. The air, colors, chirping birds...all right there for us to enjoy...if only we could snap out of it!

Haven't heard from you in a long time...but so you know, I am thinking about you and your new baby girl everyday...and I picture you walking high up in the clouds....

Caroline D. said...

what a lovely post. I adore that picture of the teacup!

donab said...

When I looked up today I saw the most beautiful clouds, remnants of the storm we had last night. The sky is washed clean and pretty today.

When I was driving home this afternoon, I drove by my neighborhood garden shop, and saw a beautiful weeping cherry out in front and so nearly slammed my breaks on to go buy it then and there, but someone was waiting for me at home... I'll have to take my chances that no one has bought it before next weekend so it can come home with ME.

Still sick, but feeling happy anyway. I'm glad colds are not the only things that are contagious!