Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today I am happier than a squirrel with a doughnut.

Today I discovered a nest in the center of my rose tree with a baby bird in it.

Today my son sat next to me and I played with his hair and read him a book.

Today I bought sparkling lemonade and fresh flowers at the market.

Today I ate my lunch in the sunshine and fed small pieces of my sandwich to a bird with one leg.

Today I planted petunias in my backyard.

Today my mother asked me about having a baby shower.

Today I kissed the boys and told them I love them.

I have big plans for tomorrow.


QuirkyGirl said...

what a sweet, smiley blog today. Thanks for the ray of sunshine. I needed it.

Anonymous said...

I can't even express the happiness that I feel for you. That is one lucky little girl. I love happy posts ~SIGH~!

Anonymous said...
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brooke said...

this sounds like an amazing day...one i would enjoy immensely...especially the fresh flowers and lemonade...

Splendid Things said...

Excited to share this journey with you....can't wait to meet your little girl via this blog! :)

Lesley said...

What a warm happy blog :-) I can't even remember how I got hear but am thankful I did. Have a fabulous day and congratulations on your wonderful news!