Sunday, March 08, 2009

please check your stress at the door

I've been running from stress this week. In my mind stress looks like my third grade teacher, Mrs. Nexdorf. Backcombed beehive and polyester slacks. Liver spots and rigid spine. Oh, how I despised that woman.

She's dead now, but she still haunts me in times of stress. She digs her pointy fingernails into my shoulders and stands on my chest when I try to sleep. These past few days she has had me firmly by the hair. She is pulling, and I am trying to run, and it is causing a terrific headache.

I sat, criss-cross applesauce, on the floor of the nursery. The morning sun shone in. and I tried some deep breathing. I starred at the sharp shadow the shutters cast on the wall. Finn sat by my side, eyebrows twitching, tail waging, expecting something to happen. And, after a time, I knew what had to be done.

Mrs. Nexdorf isn't allowed in Anthropologie. The beauty of it makes her burst into flames.

And I needed a new hat.


Nash said...

i really like your blog.
i wish i was a girl who wore hats.
i think it's so sophisticated.
just thought i'd come out and say i read your blog, mostly through google reader so i never comment.
i live in AZ (mesa).
thanks for entertaining me.

Kari said...

Cute hat. But that's not terribly surprising--pretty much everything that comes out of that store is fabulous. I love me some anthropologie, too.

tollestrupfamily said...

My stress reliever is reading, or a really good reality show.....I just had to add that you are born to be a mother to girls - there is so much that you need to teach them, how to shop, decoupage, the art of finding very pretty sparkly baubles and making them into artsy whimsical works of art and most of all how to be a good friend. Heavenly Father just couldn't let those talents go to waste. She's out there prepping herself to come to you - I just know it!

emily said...

I went to Anthropologie on Friday and spent a full hour there (even though my husband was waiting for me...I just couldn't pull myself away). And I NEEDED a new shirt. But now I wish I had a hat.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVED this post. What a relief to read something frivolous and fun when we're all so stressed. There must be something about third grade teachers -- my Mrs. Klausner and Mrs. St. Andre were absolutely hideous women who would have simultaneously combusted at Anthropologie as well (remember the fear of spontaneous combustion?).

Anonymous said...

I have that hat! I got it for Christmas. It's the best thing ever, right?

Actually, I'm going to put it on when I get home.

Cheers (to you and your hat)!