Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my name is spring

I've always hated my name. It sounds like a calendar girl name.

"And here's Miss April wearing only cherry bloosom pasties and a fig leaf!" Ug.

My parents were planning on naming me Heather until my Grandpa showed up at the hospital and decreed that being born on the first day of April, my name should be such. My grandpa was a sailor. Maybe he had fond memories of a certain Miss April who had covered the wall over his cot.

Whatever the case, I have never liked my name. But I do like what it means.
The girl's name April \a-pril, ap-ril\ is pronounced AY-prill. It is
Latin origin, and its meaning is "to open". The month as a given name; often used to symbolize spring, the time when buds open and flowers appear. Abril (ah-BREEL) is the Spanish form.

Rosa calls me Abril, which makes me happy.

This is my time of year. My birthday is coming, spring colors look the very best with my compexion and the birds are back.

I do love birds. I've said it before, if I were a rich woman, I'd have a sunroom filled with various types of finches. And I'd have someone to care for them. In the afternoon, I'd take my iced drink and a good book and lounge amoungst my finches and read. To me, that would be heaven.

Aren't these photos amazing? They were taken by a brother/sister team in Japan. Maybe when I'm old, I'll take up bird watching. Do you think I could take my little dog along with me?

The best thing about Spring is promise. Promise of new adventures, gorgeous gardens, fun holidays and babies. As the Miss April, I would like to request all of these this year. But I'd be thrilled with just a baby.

In other news, I found my Easter dress. It is a Baraschi sheath embroidered with, of all things, birds. It's sooooo me. I just need to find a little green shrug and a pair of fabulous pink heels to go with it. And it's high time I made myself a pair of earrings. I'm thinking light blue topaz dangles.

If only I could embroider like this. The things I could make!

Hello Spring. I'm glad you came. Stick around for a while.


Shelby said...

As you are the first day of April, I am the last! A few more things in common, I also don't like my name, but you're lucky, you like what yours means, I didn't get so lucky: Shelby: From the manor farm!?

Great post! LOVE spring!

emily said...

As I read this, I look out the window and see SNOW. I'm ready for spring.

Laura said...

April fools???

UberArt said...

I have a friend named June and she hates her name too! I think April is a pretty name.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! And I love your name!

Kathy said...

Love those photos! And I like your name--I was born in April, and as a kid I always thought it would have been cool if that were my name.

Happy Spring!


Laura said...

by the way, I am an April bday too!

And April IS a pretty name...just thank the Lord that you weren't born in

Leslie said...

what beautiful pictures. do you mind if i share them, too? i'll link back to you . . .