Thursday, July 23, 2009

chicken little

I'll tell you why the chicken crossed the road.

The chicken crossed the road because she had PMS and the sky was falling. And she really just needed to get away from the cracker jack rooster and her two needy chicks for a bit.

She first went to Anthropologie and smelled the fancy soaps. Then she went to Paper Source and smelled the ink on the letterpress cards.

After about an hour she missed her cracker jack rooster and needy little chicks, especially the littlest, and so she went back home and ate some really good blueberries with her family.

And that, my friends, is the definitive answer as to why the chicken crossed the road.


Anonymous said...

love your post!

Ben said...

Who you callin' a "craker jack rooster"?

Jill said...

oh, paper of my all-time greatest weaknesses. glad i'm not the only one!

forrestina vintage said...

that's pretty cute--the story and the pics. :)