Monday, July 06, 2009

the map

So I found this piece of paper by the computer the other day. It seems Thom had been busy drawing a map.

I was very intrigued by this creation and when I asked him to explain it to me this is what he said.

Other items on the map include a firehouse, an army tank, a beach and parking spots.

Also, today will go down in history as the day Amelie gave her first smile. Sugar Daddy is claiming the first smile happened two days ago, when he tickled her neck, but we all know that the first smile was granted to me. Nice try honey.


Elizabeth said...

Wow. He's quite good with the details for a five year old boy! Wonderful map --

and congrats on the smile -- what a perfect thing...

Healthy-Clues said...
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Laura said...

Wow, that IS impressive for a 5 yr old. And war with the Nazi's? My 5 year old isn't anywhere close to that. I was thinking that was a graveyard next to your house. Anyway, very cool. Isn't it fun to see how their brains work?