Saturday, July 25, 2009

just say campy

In my book, the very best birthdays aren't the big over blown celebrations involving blow up bounceys and expensive entertainers. No, no.

Birthdays are done better on a smaller, more intimate scale.

Sometimes I think the days of homemade birthday cakes are long gone. I feel so lucky that as a kid my mother made me campy little birthday cakes, perfectly, imperfect. Like the Raggedy Ann cake that will live in my memory as the best thing to ever come out of my mother's kitchen.

Jo invited us over to celebrate little Sam's first birthday. She asked, in that British accent of hers that gets me every time, if I would bring some cupcakes for the party.

I was shooting for campy. I wanted perfectly, imperfect. I was hoping to create nostalgia and not just a huge mess.

They were a hit.

Oh the things a person can do with plastic cocktail accessories!

All the children had a cupcake. Some had at least three that we know of. And then there was Sugar Daddy, so named for more than one reason, he had one too. Earlier in the day he had put dibs on the pink and purple one with the chesty mermaid on top.

It was a wonderful afternoon, celebrating a wonderful child that holds a special place in my heart. Happy Birthday Sam!

P.S. If you think you might like to make the cupcake cones for an upcoming event, beware, they are a bugger to transport.


Jeanneoli said...

I loved all those handmade cakes my mom made for me...a train, lamb, raggedy of my favorites was strawberry pop cake! Love the cupcake cones and it looks like so did everyone else!

Pumpkin Country said...

i'm with you...simple is best.
i've never rented a bouncey house. never hired a clown. never really had a big bday. usually i'll ask the kids to pick one friend to go to a movie, then off we go. we'll have a simple cake back home afterwards. i've tried one party with all the kids from the class invited and only 2 showed up. ended up giving my son a huge disappointment. not worth the time hassle money and disappointment to the kiddo. hugs from az.

tollestrupfamily said...

Can I get the recipe???

anne said...

My son's birthday is on friday...can you share how you make the cake cones?:)