Monday, July 20, 2009

this boy

This child of mine is getting too big. His hair is turning lighter from the sun. He is getting more freckles.

This child of mine likes worms and superheros and he likes to call me "dude", which I think is pretty funny, except for when he is in trouble.

This child of mine, loves his little sister almost as much as I do. He spends hours drawing everyday, and sometimes he makes lists of people he wants to spy on.

This child of mine tried so very hard to be patient on the ride home from St. George yesterday, but when traffic added a couple of hours onto the drive, he cracked. Tears rolled down his freckled cheeks and it broke my heart because I couldn't do anything about it.

So I took a photo out the car window of this great sunset.

My boy finally feel asleep when we were just minutes from home. I put him to bed without brushing his teeth and whispered to him that tomorrow would be a better day. I plan to make good on that.

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sweetmango said...

oh i detest those days too, when you can do nothing to change the flow, you are powerless to an extent...but life is just like that sometimes and tomorrow he will not remember as the fun of a new day with you begins.
The sunset is just STUNNING April!!