Monday, July 27, 2009

rush hour

The boy is away at art camp this week. I thought I would love having him gone. Really I did.

But I'm missing him and feeling all anxious and funky.

The house was so quiet today with him gone. The baby was sleeping. My chores were done. It was too hot to work out at my bench doing jewelry. So I busted out the paints. I had my own little art camp right there in the kitchen.

I call my creation "Rush Hour". You can buy it here if you are so inclined.


Laura said...

I barely have the time to change my tampon while my kids nap..and you create THIS??? How do you do it??? PLease tell me your house is a mess, or that you have help..please oh please! Seriously. YOu had time to create something worth Selling and you are a new mama???You are super human.
I suppose I could see my tampon...but I like your painting better.

Laura said...

I meant to say SELL my tampon...of course I can SEE it...

jojo said...

Tampon girl, she doesn't have a messy house. She doesn't have a dirty floor; she doesn't have clutter in the kitchen. It's a trick. I went for lunch yesterday with both of my A's and my angel Amelie was not too chuffed to be there and what would have stressed me out, didn't bother April who chatted and nibbled on Sushi just the same. Calm and sweet and handling it all. So, here I am saying that I am proud to say I am your pal April.
You make me happy, you make me laugh and you made great cakes for my baby. You turn up when I need you most, when I am sad and blue, you're at the door! I wanted to hold on to you when you left for The Sahara, and tell you “please don't go". On NPR was a story about a mother whose child was killed and she spoke so softly and read her poems and she reminded me of you and your calm and I wept and wept all the way home, for all Mothers! I cried for you, the best Mother there is and the very best friend I have. I want that painting please..and I will pay spondoolies for it. I want it for Sam (who loves you almost as much as he loves me). Thanks for a great year!

Micaela said...

Hello dear!

Just discovered your blog today and I just wanted to say it's really sweet! I love your whole layout, so adorable!

Hope all is well,

april said...


My little British cronie. You are the sun behind the rain clouds. I love you.


jojo said...

Helen Keller said that her friends made the story of her her life, and I loved Helen Keller! When I was 8, I was sent away to boarding school, a very Victorian one at that. All I ever wanted was a bedroom that was orange, and friends that were my own who could come round for tea and play in the garden. Not a huge dream. I have been really lucky to have seen a little bit of the world, to have found the love of my life and to have made 2 naughty toe rags for kids. I have had lots of lovely friends too, but I left them all. Friendship is lovely as we get older, because we have dreams to share and journeys to talk about. Celebrate your friends this weekend, for all the characters who make up the stories. Those people who love you not because you are their baby, or their spouse or their Mother or their beautiful lover, but those who just love you..because you are you. To all the characters in the story!!! Cheers to you.