Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It started last Wednesday. The little whisper in the back of my brain.

"Psst! Hey you. Yeah you. Don't you want to go out to your work bench? Don't you want to make some jewelry? Those great topaz stones are just sitting there collecting dust. Come on. The baby is sleeping. Come on out and work for a bit."

I told myself I was going to stay away. I wanted to give the baby my full attention. No working until August. The Fall collection could wait.

But I just can't seem to do it. I miss Joan. Joan of the Anahatna art. Joan my muse. She gives me such inspiration as I sit there contemplating beads and life.

I had to make Jenny some earrings for her birthday. That's what she asked for and well, she is my right hand girl and I like to take good care of my people.

So I fiddled a little and then I thought- what the hell?

And that is how I ended up, back at my work bench, pounding away, listening to Josh Ritter and talking to Joan on a very warm day in July, exactly eleven days before I said I would return.

And you know what? I'm happy about it.


Laura said...

Thank God! Enough of that baby already...give me some art! (Ok, well I didnt really meant that...but ya know...good to have you back at the bench...)

Corinne said...

Sometimes its good to listen to the voices in your head :)

Amy said...

I have many things that speak to me.. sometimes the computer... sometimes a good book, sometimes a project...I usually give in and go to them. I also have things that holler to me... like my messy pantry, the coat closet that has overgrown its space, my crazy messy unfinished basement... I don't have any desire to give in... they need to know how to ask nicely not yell!

Amy said...

oh.. P.S
We were in San Jorge at the same time... I wish I would have known you were in my old stompin' grounds... I would have found you to say hi! NEXT TIME!