Wednesday, January 07, 2009


There is a little something that has cropped up over the past little while. A few of my friends have remarked on it, and after the twentieth person said something, I started to take it seriously. Evidently, I have a phone etiquette problem.

I don't say "good-bye" at the end of the conversation.

I guess I just don't think it is necessary. I mean, if you say to me "okay, tomorrow then, at noon", and I say "yeah, I'll see you there", isn't that the end of the conversation? Do I really need to say some sort of trite farewell after having said "I'll see you there"? In my mind it's a closer. Click. I guess I could add "with bells on!", but that's just cheesy. The conversation is obviously over, right? Hang up.

But evidently, some people rely on the traditional good-bye to acknowledge the end of a phone conversation. I would love to promise you all that I will, from now on, give you the proper good-bye you are looking for, but that is just so accommodating, and not like me at all. But, what I will do is this. I will start ending my calls with "10-4 big buddy".

Will you be needing me to say "over and out" afterwards?

Okay, on to other business. Could the maker of this goooorgemoose gift please step forward? I received this super fun surprise from my Pink Christmas secret friend and, as so often happens during the Christmas chaos, I lost the note that came with it and I desperately need to thank this talented girl for her thoughtfulness. I remember recognizing her as one of my readers so I'm counting on her to get this message. She also sent along a magnet board from Steel Dreaming Designs which I immediately hung and put photos on. It was such a fun package to receive!


Kroegers Calling said...

yes little miss, you need to say goodbye. Frankly, being the all things proper gal, it's the right thing to do! Just channel that Aulstralian upbringing and give 'um a "g'day mate!"

Greer said...

Hi April - you have the right person. I am so glad you like the bucket. I was planning to make the board too, but it never happened - having four kids under four does that!! Steel Dreaming does a fabulous job. I hope and pray that one day soon I will be able to make a bucket for your baby girl.

K and/or K said...

This is funny. A family member had the "good-bye chat" with my husband and I about 2 years ago. We were clueless! Then I realized even in person, I hate goodbyes. I'm a very chop-chop-outta-here sort of person.

Happy new year!