Saturday, January 24, 2009

like the wind

The Crew (Thom, his bud from school and his Greeksican* brothers and sister)

We run for fun. I know. Some people find this absurd. But it's true. Running is really fun once you get into it. Let me repeat that. Once you get into it. It's pure hell when you first start. Don't judge your running capabilities until you have worked up to at least three miles. Then, if you still hate it, well so be it. Take up origami.

My child ran his first race today. It was one mile and he didn't stop until he crossed the finish line. Heaven knows he didn't inherit a single athletic gene from either of his parents, but we both run. I hope he does too.

* The Greeksicans are the children of Andre and Greek and my best friend Jenny. Thomas has grown up with these kids and he considers them his siblings. He actually thought for most of his life that he was also a Greeksican and didn't like being told that he was actually just a boring old caucasian. There's not a drop of Mexican blood in him as you can tell from his pasty white skin.

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Jennifer said...

Yea, I hate running, it sucks a lot! But maybe one day I'll get into it. I'm starting with walking for now.

You have a beautiful family! Love the poodle!