Thursday, January 15, 2009

a small encounter

Small Child: You know, we have more toys at our house than you do at yours.
Me: Oh well that is probably because we only have one kid in our family and you have three.
Small Child: Why do you only have one kid?
Me: Well . . . God has only given us one kid so far.
Small Child: Why?
Me: I don't know.
Small Child: Is he going to give you more kids?
Me: Yeah, I think we will be getting more kids.
Small Child: When?
Me: Don't know.
Small Child: Then how do you know you will get them?
Me: I just know.
Small Child: No, how do you know? You might not.
Me: A little birdy told me so.
Small Child: What? A bird? It could talk? What was it's name?
Me: Frank.
Small Child: Birds can't talk!
Me: Hummm. You believe whatever you want, but Frank and I talked all through lunch. I had ham on rye, he had tuna fish. He told me he gets really mad when little kids ask a lot of questions.
Small Child: You're just kidding. Frank didn't talk.
Me: Oh, you got me. I'm just being funny. Did you know that I have more friends than you? I even have friends in Finland. I guess that makes me the coolest. You better run along now, I think your mom is calling.


Annie Valentine said...

Okay, I am kind of peeing my pants right now (and not because my three-year-old is rubbing off on me).

Laura said...

oh shit...was that my kid?????????

beautiful BEAUTIFUL picture. Can you do a give away with that bird??????????????????

Terri Fisher said...

Too funny!

Dan and Katie said...

well this is quite a coincidence.
i have that drawing of the bird (on the tag) tattooed from hip to hip, in between the words "Talitha Koum", which is Aramaic for "Little Girl, Rise Up."

K and/or K said...

momentarily coming out of my new year of lurking to say i love this post. birds talk to me to.

Amyesq said...

Ha ha ha! So there, kid!

Amy said...

I can hardly breathe for laughing so hard! Thanks for a fun start to my day.

Kari said...

The honesty of little children is sometimes almost too much to handle.

Jeanneoli said... laura asking if that was her kid.......

Apryl said...

I should really read your posts in the mornings to start my day off right! Thanks for the laugh from this have to ask whose???

Pecos Blue said...

very sweet!

sweetmango said...

I was sitting at the table next to you, I had mixed salad on whole wheat, I heard the whole convo between you and Frank.
LOL that was great :)

Michelle Springer said...

Little birdies talk to me all the time (as you have seen on Flickr). Love the photos that you use on your blog. It always has a very charming, romantic feel to it.

wendy said...

First off, your photos and blog is really beautiful. Blue - like that blue hat you were giving away --that I never heard more from --so guess I didn't wint (tear drop) Anyway, Kids never give up on a question do they NEVER. But your answer was a good one, and since I now know that birds talk I intend to have a few conversations with the ones around my house and I'll be telling them to 'KNOCK OFF THE POOP". Also, one little story about a friend of mine who adopted a little girl who is African American. She was visiting a neighbor who was pregnang and this little girl asked prego mom what color her baby was going to be. The prego mom said "well white". little girls says "how do you know that". Prego mom said "because me and the daddy are white". Little girl said, "well my mommy and daddy are white, but I am black, so how do you know". Hmmmmm
Where's that Bird.