Thursday, January 29, 2009

partners in crime

I am from the school of thought that every girl needs a best friend. Sisters don't count.

You need someone that you have chosen and that has chosen you. Because you are better together than apart.

This is Jenny. Jenny is my Ethel. Why do I get to be Lucy? Because this is my blog and I have red hair. That's why. Also, Jenny's husband is bald, like Fred.*

I know that Jenny loves me because when I run my mouth, as I am prone to do, she says "Aprrriiiillll!" which is her nice way of saying "Shut it sister." She saves me from myself.

And once, on New Year's Eve some years ago, I got sick and threw up in a public bathroom and SHE CLEANED IT UP!!! In. A. Public. Bathroom. True story.

But mostly I know she loves me because she tells me the truth. She tells me when I'm wrong and she listens to me when I complain about people who bug me. I can complain all I want to her because she's a vault. She will never trash talk someone, which I actually find quite annoying, but I know that deep down she is sending them bad voodoo vibes for me.

So why am I just now, after close to a year of blogging, mentioning Jenny? Well, I guess it's because there are a few things in my life that I hold close to my heart and I am a little reluctant to share. But I think it is time.

World, I got her first. Go get your own Jenny. Believe me, you need one.
* Guaranteed, Jenny just thought "Appprrriiilll!" in her head.


Laura said...

My Jenny is Krissy. And so ironic, this post, casue I nearly did a post on Krissy last night! .Krissy moved far away, and after chatting with her on the phone yesterday while folding laundry, I realized how very important she is to me. I mean, I have always known...but she is like...medicine...or really good drugs! I have had a really bad few days, and yesterday was no exception. And after talking to her, I felt, simply put, better.

It was that connection. That knowing that the person you are talking to you really knows you, really loves you, and that everything with her is just...easy.

And I get to be Lucy too...auburn hair, ya now...

Krista said...

oh i so agree! my jenny is kim, a.k.a "frit." as soon as i saw her i knew i needed to be friends with her. and to hear her tell it, she knew she needed to be friends with me too. the stars sure aligned that day. and though it sounds like a second-grade-cliche', i have the best friend in the whole wide world.

DomestiKatie. said...

i have two jennies.

one is named kate.
she lives downstairs.
and she dated my husband before i even knew who he was.

the other is named allison.
she lives allll the way in chicago.
we talk every day.
and we met when i stole her boyfriend on accident. when he bailed, she found me to tell me she understood my hurt, and we moved forward with our lives together to become strong, confident, beautiful ladies.

i love both of these stories, and both of these women. i wouldn't be who i am without them.

Terri Fisher said...

What a beautiful post! Friends are so very important in our lives, and true friends, like Jenny, seem so few and far between. What a blessing!

wendy said...

Thank goodness for friends. I heard a saying that "a friend is one who is walking in when everyone else is walking out" I too have a best friend who does a good job of reminding me how to "behave" Yeah, I need reminding now and then.

RitterB's said...

ok so I have read your blog a bit more.. guess I should get it together.. Are you adopting from China? We have our papers and are waiting... We think we will adopt from the states sooner so we may pull out! Email me sometime if you arent too scared of me!

emily said...

I wish I had a Jenny. I have three sisters who I would call my Jenny's but we didn't get to choose each other. Maybe someday.

liko said...

hi april. nice to meet you! thanks for the picture advice, but i do that already. the blogger uploader just has the three options and downsizes them.

Tollestrup Family said...

Mine is Ivory and I wish I lived around the corner from her. You two have it good. Really, weren't there some really fun neighbors on I Love Lucy? Can I be one of those because I need you and Jenny in my life equally but for totally different reasons.....

clare b said...

Oh I love, love, love the pics on this post. You have the most incredible knack of finding just the right picture each and every time you post... how do you do it? and where do you find them?
I only recently discovered the joy of a bestie and she means the world to me. And I can often hear her thinking "CLAAARRRE!!!", but rarely does she say it :)

tollestrupfamily said...

#3 :)