Sunday, January 11, 2009

humble pie

I thought I'd share my recipe for humble pie. Jenny and Julie, you're gunna love this.

Humble Pie

1 heapful of "I hope Thom doesn't want to play sports."
1 large portion of selfishness over personal time on Saturdays
372 eye rolls over parents going to their kids games instead of out to lunch with us
87 white lies told to a child as to why we haven't signed him up to play

Mix well over a period of a couple years. Pour into a dish of crusty looks of distrust when told that kids games are actually a lot of fun. Bake at a ridiculously high heat.

serves one

For all you out there that have gingerly told me for a while now that kids sports are really a great thing only to be meet with smart remarks and a hand wave, you should know something. Today I am eating my words.

Yesterday was Tommy B.'s first game. It was 80 degrees and a little windy. He had soooo much fun despite the fact that his mother refused to fall into the "Soccer Mom" profile, so she wore stylish clothes and brought no lawn chairs or water.

He scored a goal in the first half, then he decided to get a little social time in while the ball was still in play. Now, that's my boy.


Bobbi said...

Look at that lovely weather...holy cow! You know what it looks like here right now! Humble pie is kind of yucky but at least you ate it in style. Just don't wear high heels to his teenage daughters make so much fun of moms in high heels at their kids games! Just a little heads up..LOL

Elizabeth said...

keep up the good fight, antisoccer mom -- and pass on tips on how to do it. I've two boys myself, mad for all sports regardless of me...

Darcie said...

Hey April....
Shipping is 10% of what you buy! Let me know if you want anything :)

Heidi said...

Good to know you are merging over! Now go get yourself a folding chair and some comfy sneakers and maybe a water bottle you can pull from the freezer an hour before you have to fly off to the next game! Be happy it's only one sport, not 4 ;o)

Julie said...

Hip, hip hooray for Thomas!! A goal at his first game :) No worries, soccer moms can be cool and stylish. You'll show them! Can't wait to see his game this weekend.