Thursday, January 08, 2009

finders keepers

Well, the call finally came. A child with down syndrome had wandered off from home and the Search and Rescue team were called in. There have been other calls. Lovely little calls, involving skull bones, decomposing bodies and suicidal people, but until Ben gets his first responder certification he can't participate in most rescues. Tonight was a different story. With a child missing, they needed him.

The phone rang just as we were sitting down to dinner. My husband has always been a fast eater, but tonight I was dumbfounded as I watched him finish off an entire cowboy dinner (sausage, beans and cornbread) in three gulps. Thom and I were only half way through our meal when we saw a blur of a uniform leave the house.

Thinking that this was an opportune teaching moment, I turned to Thom and said,

"Did you know that Daddy is going out to help find a little kid who wandered away from home?"

"What's the little boy's name?", he asked.

"We don't know. It might even be a girl. Whoever it is, they are lost outside in the cold and dark. Don't you think it is great that Daddy likes to help people?"

"Uh, yeah." He seemed a little underwhelmed. I don't think he grasps how cool his dad really is. I mean, lawyer by day, search and rescue guy by night? That is bascially the formula for a super hero.

We sat eating our dinner and I smiled at him to reiterate the point that helping people makes us happy.

And then he said, "You know Mom, if it is a little girl, maybe Daddy could just bring her home and we could keep her."

Finders keepers.


julie said...

Your husband is definitely a super hero! :)
Hope you got my card and I have to tell the pocket is on it's way to get to you in some days!
{Have they found the little kid?}

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! I love the wisdom of little children :)

april said...

As of this morning, they still haven't found him. Ben came home at three last night and he may go back out after a meeting he has today.

Jen Sue Wild said...

What a touching story!
I love that you made this a teaching moment and I just about cried at your little boys remark. " If it's a girl can we keep her."

I sure hope they found him the missing boy.

Terri Fisher said...

Out of the mouth of babes...if only it were so easy! I, too, am waiting for a daughter through adoption and only wish it could go faster! Hang in there!

beautifulpirate said...

I am now officially forever in love with this story! How cute! Props to your husband and you for supporting him!

Jennifer Otero said...

your husband sounds like a good man and your sons a lucky boy....and very sweet..he he.
I hope they find the child.

Beth said...

How cute is that-what your son said?

Your husband is a super hero. One day your son will realize it. My friend's husband just started his training with his search dog. So that will mean some of the more grisly scenes but also some of the better ones like your husbands. His 8 year old is so excited. And he looks up to his dad. Every Halloween he dresses up in his dad's uniform

melissa said...

that is so cute!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

How super is that? The comment by your kidlet, AND your superhero hubby! Just found your blog from the Etsy forum today. :-)

SleightGirl said...

Awww...that is so cool, and it made me a little misty. That's great that he does this and please keep us posted on whether they found him or her, how their doing and if you have a new "daughter"

Hana said...

How cute is that?! Kids say the sweetest things sometimes. I hope the child made it home safely.

april said...

They found the boy! He spent a cold night in the woods, but they found him unharmed today! Yeah for happy endings!

Hill Family said...

April, Thomas' take on keeping the girl actually brought a tear to my eye. I love that innocent outlook where solutions to real-life problems are so simple. P.S. I am not even a lurker. I don't get on people's blogs, but I am going to start. My new year's resolution is to spend countless hours on the computer, avoiding cleaning my house. iv