Thursday, January 22, 2009


A little something delightful came in the post.

It was from Julie. I met Julie, here, on Suaviloquy. Julie is from Hungary. She makes killer goulash. To make killer goulash you must have special Hungarian paprika. Julie is a nice girl. She sent me some special Hungarian paprika so I can make her killer goulash. I really like Julie. I think I will like her goulash even more.

To Julie:

Kedves barátom-
köszönöm a tréfa csomag! Nem tudom várja, hogy az ön recept. Ha ön születésnap? Én már egy másik kis vmit!

No, I don't speak Hungarian, although I would like you to think that I do. I cheated and used an online translator. I sincerely hope that it translates correctly with no inadvertant curse words. Luckily, Julie not only makes killer goulash, she also speaks English. Talented girl that Julie.


As far as I'm concerned, one of the best things about being a kid was coming home to a mom-made after school snack. My own mother was the master o' cinnamon rolls. I tell ya, there is nothing like coming through the back door when my mom's been baking cinnamon rolls. You simply float 3 inches off the ground til you find yourself in the kitchen with one of those big curls of heaven placed before you. And I think it sufficient to say that there are very few places in life where you will experience the same rush of endorphins that wash over you when you actually take a bite. Your scalp tingles.

I try. I really do try to have a yummy homemade treat waiting for the boy when he returns, weary, from his day of painting, running, singing, counting and experimenting. Some days he is really tuckered.

So I made the Pink Lemonade Cupcake recipe. At this time I would like to make a public service announcement and say that these cupcakes are absolutely of the devil. I warn you.

Here you see them in their sweet innocence. Don't they look harmless? Cute even?

Here is the revised photo which reveals their true Las Vegas nature. They are sour and tangy and SINFUL and ADDICTIVE and those of you with a weak resolve ought to run for the hills because heaven knows I've already snarfed down more than I'd rather admit. But you know what they say. What happens with these cupcakes, says with the cupcakes.

And on your thighs.

Thom and I shared an existenial moment as we ate our cupcakes. And believe you me, this is as close to Las Vegas as this boy is getting as long as I have a say.


Laura said...

I threw a piece of turkey (as in ONE piece) and a box of saltine crackers at my kids yesterday when they got home from school.


Think I better bake something today....

danielle said...

where do i get the recipe?

K and/or K said...

I'm sold. Hook, line, and sinker. Grocery store here I come!

danielle said...

i knew i'd seen it somewhere! thanks!

wendy said...

Man, I was trying to jump through this computer to get to those cupcakes!!!!!

jenny said...

I hope you have some left, because I am all over those cupcakes, make that 2 for me!!!!

Bobbi said...

Lucky little boy! One day he will wax nostalgic about coming home from school to your cupcakes.

Jeanneoli said...

Cupcakes?? Did someone say yummy cupcakes?? So mean to post them...

julie said...

Hmm, WOW! Hungarian language is not an easy one, but you did quite well on the first half! :) I think I got the first two sentences, but the rest I can only guess! :) By the way I just decided today I will have to go to an Eglish course to improve my English. I love it and need so much to practice again..
Love the cupcakes, look so delicious!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Mmm LOVE those!