Friday, February 20, 2009

arizona highways

Sugar Daddy was shanghaied by the kind of cold/flu that makes you feel like you are drowning under a plastic tarp. In short, he is one miserable grumpy bear.

So that left little old me to do all the driving today. I set the cruise control at seventy-four and took off my shoes. The boy watched a movie with earphones and the grumpy bear slept. I was all alone with my thoughts and the rattle of a luggage zipper pull.

Bloody Basin Road: lat. 34.2486 long. -111.7688

My grandma's grandma married a wandering man. He was in and out of her life enough to give her eleven children. Nine of which survived. In her husband's absence, she ran the ranch. She must have been somewhat of a Calamity Jane, full of wrangle and grit. I can just see her out there on the ranch raising kids and cattle, eking out a living on the Western front. When her husband at long last decided to come home for good, she wanted nothing of it and drove him off her land.

I like to think that she is up in heaven relaxing from her labors, but she doesn't strike me as the type of person who can tolerate much idleness.

Horse Thief Basin: lat. 34.0928 long. -112.1720

On several occasions I have had the science behind a mirage explained to me. I think I understand it, and yet, still, it's magic.

Deadman's Wash: lat. 33.5300 long. -112.0800

On our way to the Grand Canyon yesterday we saw a bald eagle circling in the sky. I wondered if the Native Americans would take it as a sign. I'm hoping it means good luck.

We ate a fancy lunch at the El Tovar Hotel next to the Grand Canyon. There was a huge fire blazing at one end of the dining room. It was so cozy I could have stayed there for hours.

When we hit Twenty-Nine Palms it was 73 degrees and The Boy was antsy. California proved to be much less enjoyable than Arizona. I ended up with pinched shoulder muscles, a splitting headache and a ticket for going 70 in a 55 zone, which I really think is a sham.



Light and Writing said...

found you via the forums on etsy. such a pretty place here. your family is beautiful and I wish all the luck in the world on your adoption plans! I will definitely have to return. I must go check out your jewelry now.

capitolagirl said...

Also found your blog from the Etsy forums. Arizona is one of the best places for photography. Your pictures are great!