Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sick and tired

On Sunday, Ben was sick and I was tired.

I didn't sleep well the night before. I tossed and turned with my brain mechanisms all amuddle and gooped. The projectionist upstairs kept replaying the same wakeful dream over and over till it was all scratched and I couldn't make out the characters. I awoke with a pasty mouth and dark eyes.

The sky looked like black pearls.

I showered because, well, showering always makes a person feel better. Thomas did not shower. Nor did the grizzly bear.

I puttered. A little fertilizer for the African violet. A little blog reading. A little time snipping off the errant carpet fibers.

And then I did one of my most favorite of all things to do. I cooked on a cloudy day, in a warm kitchen while my hound dog slept at my feet. And I listened to Chinese lullabies.

I made tomato basil soup.

At two in the afternoon, I called my boys to come eat. They shuffled in, hair askew pajamas wrinkled. Thom had the haired look of a mad scientist. He had been constructing intricate race tracks for hours. The grizzly grunted.

We sat at the bar sipping our soup and dipping crackers like the three bears from Goldilocks.

This is how, slowly, ever so slowly, we whittled away the hours of a dark day, in a cozy home on a quiet street.


Natalie* said...

so well written, april. i love the feeling of that day you've shared with us.

Laura said...

first of all, you are beautiful. Forget about meeting. Unless I have a face lift first. Seriously. I may want to be YOU more than I want to be Anne.

Second of all, I am so freakin sick still. And so is Belle. And Annie. And Luke is not...so he is running around like a crazy loon. I need help. Please make me that soup.

Everything you do sounds so lovely.

and no, dear...those were NOT my breasts. I had my bra stuffed, so that I didn't trip on my own nipples while walking the red carpet.

jeannie wray said...

I love your blog very very nice!