Thursday, February 05, 2009

good fortune

Here's something I bet you didn't know about me: I used to be rich once.

About four years ago Sugar Daddy and his best friend, Andre, started a company training real estate agents. This was when the housing market was at it's peak. It was very successful. The money was rolling in. We were flush. We were dining out at the nicest places, shopping for furniture and living the high life. We were making big plans. Then the market crashed.

At this time we had just bought our current house and we put everything we had saved into it. We had banked on having plenty of cash to decorate the house and put in a killer yard. Like I said, we had big plans.

It is hardly a rags to riches (or riches to rags?) story because I still have a very nice lifestyle. I am not so skewed as to think that my life is anything like what some people go through. All my needs are being met and I feel very blessed. But, it was a little startling to go from nights out at Donovan's to cooking burgers on the grill. And I learned something about myself.

Last weekend we didn't go out. We stayed home and played with the boy. We put on our pajamas and had Vietnamese take out. Andre and Jenny came over and we sat around and talked and laughed at how our lives have changed. And at the end of the night, when I crawled into bed next to Ben and laid my head on his shoulder and wrapped my legs around his, it didn't matter that we hadn't gotten dressed up and gone out to some swanky place.

I am not any less happy now than I was then. Sure, I had a good time. We made some fun memories during our short stint of opulence. And I came this close to buying a really really great buffet for the dining room that I still dream about. Damn. But all in all, we are doing okay. Wealth is fleeting and can be taken away by the slightest of breezes. But I have Sugar Daddy, who is my rock, and Thom, who is my dream come true, and that, my dears, makes me feel like a Queen.

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ChelMo said...

I love hearing about people who can look on the bright side of economic disaster that we're all dealing with right now.

They say that people are also healthier during "downturns" for the very reason that you mentioned. Home cooked food is cheaper, and generally healthier than restaurant food. Not to mention the opportunity that people will have to reacquaint themselves with their families over dinner. As for me, I've got big plans for this year's garden! Thanks for the post!

tara @ kidz said...

Excellent perspective. I've never been rich, but I've definitely been more comfortable than I have been since I quit my job to take care of Chloe. Wealth is relative, and ultimately unimportant.

Swanki Girls said...

All anyone really needs is someone to LOVE them...most of the time I know that, but occasionally I feel like I need the glamour life. That's when I doll myself up and head to somewhere sassy and fun. Life is good!!!

jenny said...

I loved your post! Those were some fun days! Now are days are even better (just without $$$$)! We are for sure more creative, huh?

Laura said...

I have gone from wanting for nothing as a child...growing up in a jeans and Benneton living in constant financial fear. My story sucks! And I do feel blessed...I know that money comes and goes...and I do know that in the end, nothing material matters...

but gee...some money sure would be nice. I have ZERO dollars in the bank until the 13th!!! YUP. ZERO. A far cry from how I grew is funny that way, isn't it?

tamifoulger said...

Not much has changed for me but I still feel the crunch, the gloom is in the air. Anyway it's been a good time to reflect about wants needs. Still haven't filled out my budget sheet. Tami

wendy said...

With those are indeed a Queen.

Lisa said...

Oh you know! A Rich Life has nothing to do with Donovan's! I was once rich too, as a child, but as an adult and artist I am not so much in the ways of means. And I got wise to this notion only when people I know who are very profitable said they envied me. The things that make you rich are the things that can never be taken away.