Wednesday, February 04, 2009

tales from bäkerloo

There is a huge benefit to living in San Diego and it isn't just the weather. Although, that has been glorious as of late. I took the above photo on Monday at our community pool. Yes folks, we're swimming down here. There's nothing like basking in the sun in February.

(That last comment was a little gratuitous jab at my brother who loves warm weather and is currently living in heaps of snow.)

Anyway, back to the point I was trying to make before I started gloating. One of the really great things about San Diego is the plethora of great stylists. We have really, really good salons here with amazing stylists.

This is Hans.

Hans is my Johnathan. I started going to Hans about six months ago on the referral of a good friend. Hans is, well, Hans is completely too cool for even himself. Let me just tell you he calls his home his "batcave".

The truth is Hans is hee-lar-ious. He always has a juicy story to tell, names changed of course, and he is open and accepting of everyone. He is absolutely off his rocker crazy, but soooo much fun. And he is the hair guru.

I spent the afternoon with Hans yesterday. He saved me from my grey hairs that make me feel like a hag. He gave me back my rockin red attitude.

Just look at the sculpting he did on my mop. I tell ya, it makes me feel fancy. Well, at least until I twist it all up and out of my way. But right after I leave Hans, I feel like a hair model. It helps that he kisses you on the cheek before you step out into the sunshine with a slight breeze to ruffle your locks.

Here's some pics from my day at Bäkerloo.

Okay if you are thinking that this whole Hans experience costs a pretty penny, think again sister. Don't you know me at all? I am the Queen of Bargains, the Diva of Deals.

Well, sort of.

But, rest assured Hans is very reasonable and he gives complimentary trims to boot. Ahhhhh. I do love my Hans. He's like the boy girlfriend I never had.

If you live in the area and need to be glamorized, drop me an email. I may just give you his number.


Fancy Nancy Chronicles said...

LOVE the color .... the cut looks amazing! AND, I wish Hans would fly to Tampa! :} Glad you had a nice day in beautiful Cali!

wendy said...

I want a Hans. My daughter (is a stylist) and does my hair for free and that is a BONUS, plus she does a good job, but something about a Hans.....
I love crystals and fancy things. Unlike going to my daughters who now does my hair in her Kitchen( as since her 2 daughters she doesn't work at the salon anymore)
Kitchen hair doesn't sound as alluring as "salon" hair.
And ... I want to go to the pool.

Kimberly said...

you look good sistah.
and your photo of the pool. i dig it.

Michelle Springer said...

Red looks good on you. But I could be a little biased. I need to make a trip out to San Diego sometime. I hear nothing but good things about it.

goldie bell said...

You look fabulous!

From the Kitchen said...

Hi: Found you through nienie. Love your hair. Love your stylist. Love you site: but, after living for five years in La Jolla (lovely), I am SO HAPPY to now live in Chicago. I found the weather in southern California boring after a few years. I love a change of seasons and will, eventually, get back to my native Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. For now, I'll take our present snow and cold any day!

Tara said...

I have a "Hans" too....they're the BESTEST EVER!!! Every girl needs a "Hans"!! The hair looks beautiful!! What is that a picture of below the bike....whatever it is, it's gorgeous!!

Kalli Ko said...

ohmygosh this makes me miss living in san diego something FIERCE

you look lovely. red heads are awesome.

RedefinedPossibilities said...

OH, how I love Hans too! I have known him for years. He has been doing my daughter's hair for a few years. Tell him Ann Packard said HI!

JanMary said...

You and Hans both looking fabulous!

Amy said...

I would LOVE Hans' number...and to know where that pool is...we have been here almost a year and I am still oblivious

Anonymous said...

i need a hans. i go to my sister; she works at a trendy aveda salon. i don't dare tell her about my desire to sneak back to my former stylist jamie. i went to jamie as long as i could, the guilt got to me. sometimes i wonder if my sister would be able to tell if i jamie gave me a little shape up. she is getting better and more confident and i can't beat the price, especially for color.

enjoy your lovely san diego. it's breaking above zero today in iowa.

Renee said...

Hi April,can you please email me at so I can email you my address,when I click on your email link on the blog it won't let me get to it b/c something about my email?Anyways,I'm so excited about winning!I usually complain about not winning anything so this is nice. :)

Julie said...

Love the cut -- let's have the number!! me.