Monday, February 16, 2009

like licorice ice cream

Somethings never die. Like licorice ice cream. You may think that it is a thing of the past, gone the way of petticoats and horehound candy, but it's still around. I know because I order up a double scoop every time I go to the dairy down the street from my parents house.

I guess it is still around because I still order it. And if I order it, that must mean that other people like it as well.

I have been complimented on my taste.

I just wish someone would explain to me why the color it blue. I mean, what's the deal with that?

And photo booths. I'm pretty passionate about photo booths. I hope they never go away. The digital ones aren't as good as the old ones. The pictures are too crisp, but sometimes I settle.

If you want a real old fashion photo booth experience, go here and find one in your area.

Also, gift idea for yours truly. . .

It's a little pricey as far as books go, but well worth the moola if you ask me.

Does this guy look like the type of person who would use a photo booth?

Photo booths will never go away. Everyone loves them. Even crusty old sailors with questionable objects in their mouths.


Hana said...

you've been tagged w/ Honest Scrap! See my blog for details!

ChelMo said...

Makes me think of Amelie. Love that movie.

Laura said...

you DO have great taste. Especially in the blogs you choose to read....

Lisa said...

Well, I for one have NEVER heard of licorice ice cream! It must be a west coast thing. And I know, blue? Should be black...or red maybe. Delicious either way!

donab said...

I found via that link that I have not one but THREE photo booths in my very own town. Who knew? I'm going to have to avail myself soon!

I can't say I've every tried licorice ice cream, though I'd like to. But I used to love the bubble gum ice cream at the shop in my hometown when I was a kid. It was also blue. The Baskin Robbin's version is very much inferior.