Monday, February 02, 2009

because sally tomato said so

I can't believe that I've been at this for an entire year. I've written so much, given a fair amount of things away and complained a little. Here's to many more years of having my own daily soap box.

Do you have a favorite Suaviloquy post? I'd like to know which one it is. Leave it in the comments.

"I've got to do something about the way I look. I mean
a girl just can't go to Sing Sing with a green face." -Holly
I mentioned not to long ago that I had found some ear plugs. I didn't want any old ugly orange ones like Sugar Daddy used to wear in law school. A girl like me needs fashion.

So I turned to the Queen of Fashion herself. Holly Golightly.

She never steers me wrong. I found the sweetest little tassel ear plugs around. And girls, they were only $6. You must check out JenGen's little shop on the web. Sally Tomato gives it two thumbs up.

I've been wearing them around annoying the living daylights out of my family. When they ask me to do something I just point to the tassels and mouth "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" and give a shrug.

You know me. I can't keep something this good all to myself. I have to share the love. I have five, yes five pairs of ear tassels in varying designs to give away. Leave a message and you will be in the drawing. And don't forget to tell me if you have a favorite post from 2008 if you had one. I will pick a winner on Wednesday. If you aren't lucky enough to win a pair, for heaven's sake, go to the website and buy some. They are only $6!
P.S. If you don't know who Sally Tomato is, I don't know why you are still reading this post. Go rent the movie already!


MaryMarsh said...

Hi, you have a great blog! Love all your pics that you post! I especially love your blog post from Jan 30 (Craftity Craft Craft). You are very creative! And your flower arrangement turned out beautifully!! I have a very similiar arrangement I bought from Pier 1 and you just don't even want to know how much I spent! I wish I had been as resourceful as you! :) Thanks for doing this giveaway! ~MaryMarsh

H.S. said...

How lovely! I've never used such a pretty pair of ear plugs in my life! It looks great!


mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

I'll LOVE to win the tassel earplugs for my sister(she loves Holly Golightly!). It's such a pretty accessory to use! Functional too. I love your pictures on your blog! Keep it up yea? :)

mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

Dev said...

I would love to win the ear plugs! I currently have to wear the bright orange ones that you use for shooting guns/hunting to drown out the sound of my husband snoring. These are much more fashionable. :-)


Krista said...

oh yes please! it's my life's goal to be more like holly golightly! :)

and honestly, one of my favorite posts was your dream yesterday with the monocle wearing llama. i LOVED it! and love your blog.
cordially yours,


Dancerinthemaking said...

*cross my fingers & hopes to win one!!*

dancerinthemaking AT gmail DOT com

Manhattan said...

Pick me! I'll use it daily at night. :)


Melissa said...

How can I just pick one post as my favorite. I think my favorite posts are the vulnerable one's where you share your pain. They always make me cry and I just love the way you write and express yourself. You're an amazing person and writer. My sister is lucky to have you as her Jenny.

Postcards and Coasters said...

I've only just discovered your blog in 2009. Love your jewelry!

I really think I should win the tassel ear plugs... jet engines can be so loud! And they would look great with my flight attendant uniform. :)

Guinevere said...

My favorite post was in May's post about the bird nesting in your porch. It made me smile all day and wish for a porch of my own.

For now I'm still porchless, but would love to win a pair of these darling tassel ear plugs!

guineveret at gmail

~Dana said...

Nice pictures! I'm Racel Tollestrup's friend. :)

TexNan said...

Love your blog. I'll definitely be back.

myminimocs said...

so i DON'T know who sally tomato is that doesn't mean i don't love a good blog post - and this is a good one! very fun & i love the idea of the lovely lady like earplugs!!! thanks for posting! i'd love to win your giveaway to keep a certain someones nighttime thunderous rumblings at bay but alas i just found you today so this my dear is my favorite post! :)

Swanki Girls said...

A favorite post...hmmm, that is hard...the one about "delurking" comes to mind. I just love that you say what you mean and in a way that is so fun and makes your blog entertaining to read.
Pick me though, I have two sick children that keep me up at night right now and cute earplugs would really help. (I won't wear the orange ones either).

Renee said...

Hmm,I love all of your posts b/c you are always so open and honest about lots of things,so I feel like I know you as more than a crafter/artist.When you post it's as if you are opening the window to your soul so that we can all know you & feel what you feel.And no,I don't know who Sally Tomato is & hey,is Miss Finland going to enter? ;)

wendy said...

Tassle ear plugs!!!!!Who would have thought and I think they are awesome. Winning them would be awesome, but I guess for $6 I could break down and buy some eh. No I don't know who Sally Tomato is so I guess I have to go rent to movie. (I love the swim suits those girls in the first photo are wearing, luuurv them) AND, last, I haven't been reading your blog for very long yet as I just found you a couple months ago. I HAVE ENJOYED THEM ALL.

Linda said...

Those tassels are neat for your ears.

I like the post about the wintry flower arrangment you made using things around the house and outside.

Tessa said...

Yay for Sally Tomato!! Great post. :)

Marigold said...

This is one of those moments that make you pause and realize that you have been missing something, something small, but vital, for all these years. Ear tassels. How is it that I've gotten by without them?

Brilliant blog, by the way. Always a fun read.


Rebecca said...

I SO need some of those. Hope I win the contest!

apple pie girl said...

How fantastic! Holly is my favorite character in books and movies -- and you're right, she never steers us wrong!
I actually just stumbled on your blog, but I see now you are absolutely a kindred spirit! I hope you won't mind me popping in from time to time! =]

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I don't know that I have had a fav! I do love your pictures :)

Congratulations on your anniversary!!

Laura said...

can I put those on my nipples?
well..I found you just recently...and I do know that the post..well...all of your posts...for the most part..inspire it with you words, or colors, or photos, whatever. You are an escape for me. And I thank you. In fact, today I had a computer SHUT OFF day. Really. Did not even LOOK at a computer until now...almost 1AM!!!!! And the ONE blog I checked? Yup.You got it. Yours.

DomestiKatie. said...

1. happy blogday, suaviloquy!

2. my favorite post of yours, since i've been reading was the one about jenny. i like to think i'm someone's jenny, and i'm a big fan of my jenny(s). reading that made me reflect on how lucky i am to have such wonderful women in my life.

3. i have my fingers and toes crossed for a pair of tassley earplugs!

Semper said...

These are so darling! : D



Jessica said...

Those are awesome! My favorite two posts recently have been craftity craft craft and Gods snacks. Your arrangement was beautiful and very resourceful. Gods snacks is one of the cutest things I have heard from a childs mouth!

Krystal said...

I've told my husband 3 times this week that I really need ear plugs! Maybe this will be my chance to win some!
I really enjoyed the post about your best friend, Jenny. It was very sweet, and I agree every girl needs a best friend.

Natalie* said...

choosing one post would be an incredible challenge because each entry is eye candy AND beyond fun to read!
i love to see what you do with your mantle for each holiday, i love the frankness with which you talk about your successes and challenges and i love the incredible things you make.
recently, i love your post on best friends - so very true.
hope i win a pair of the oh-so-lovely ear plugs - not only do i need them to look fabulous while napping, but i also really need a nap!

Chelle said...

I just stumbled upon your blog but i think i'm too late for the giveaway which is a bummer...I really like your sense of humor so far, very funny! I will be back.

april said...

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