Friday, February 13, 2009

amour cliche'

Sugar Daddy and I aren't too much with the romance. Never have been. I don't mean to say that we don't try to seduce each other. We do. It's just a little more subtle than average.

For instance, I might say, "You know, you're a real smart ass." And he will respond, "Why thank you. You crafty little minx." Then, well, it's on.

So Valentine's day really isn't our "thing". We might exchange little token gifts, but for the most part, we don't make a big deal about it.

BUT- what I do love about Valentine's Day is the kitchyness. I relish the cheesy cards and the campy store bought goodies. I mean, who doesn't love conversation hearts? Really.

Is Valentine's a Hallmark holiday? Why yes it is! And that's what is so great about it! Elementary school would never have been the same without chintzy little cards made from red doilies and decorated shoebox mailboxes.

Thom and I are all over it, getting ready for the big day. We have all the Valentine's ready to take to school.

The hearts are hung in the window with care, in hopes that St. Valentine will show up and leave a couple hundred bucks on the counter.

The big pink sugar cookies are frosted with almond buttercream and ready to deliver. Scrumdillyumptious!

And the campy handmade Valentines are in the mail to their intended sweetheart.

Here's Cupid himself, lips pursed in concentration, crafting a card for his cousins. Notice the chocolate smears all over his shirt? We needed sustenance while we worked.

This is my mantra for today: Let. Love. Live. However you do it. Don't quash the vibe. If you are fancy pants lovey dovey, do that. If you are simple and sweet like Sugar Daddy and I, put the kids to bed, break out the Netflix and Ben and Jerry's and nestle in.


Jennifer said...

Hey, your son didn't help make those heart shaped cookies did he?!

april said...

The cookies that Thom decorated are going to less discriminating people, i.e. other grubby little boys.

Laura said...

For someone not into valentines day, you sure do a beautiful job! I was just about to make cookies AND those wax paper hearts with the kids!

Thanks for the pretty ARE a crafty little minx!

emily said...

I've wondered if it was weird that my husband and I aren't romantic. Now I know! Not weird, cute.

maryhanks said...

We had valentines day early. Today. Had lunch with a coupon at Olive Garden...$4 off! I got him a new cot for camping. I'm dig'n my wiifit but getting a little bored so he get me a new "fitness trainer" game for the wii. Not romantic but we're both happy! Isn't that what's important!!!

Almay Alday said...

Love this posting! That cookie looks delish!!

Anonymous said...

Great post - not that much into all the fuss either. Best to be in love everyday!